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Daily Duppy - wewantwraiths GRM Daily 「Lyrics」

Yo, on my mama, that shit hard, Dizzy
It used to be, fifty for flights, now, it's, first class, Dubai
I been, sittin' in flights thinkin' 'bout all the times I spent

Daily Duppy 「Lyrics」 - wewantwraiths GRM Daily

Yo, on my mama, that shit hard, Dizzy
It used to be, fifty for flights, now, it's, first class, Dubai
I been, sittin' in flights thinkin' 'bout all the times I spent
Gettin' it right, yeah, I've been gettin' right
I'm still gettin' right
I'm hearin' voices in my head
Now I tell them to voice record me when I'm speakin'
I'm hearin' voices
I can hear all these voices, yo
I made a choice, I got my voice, I made a sound, I'm makin' noise
Epic Ferrari cuttin' through like it's a Porsche
I just hope my family's proud of me, I became a monster and never had no helpin' hand

So much gun smoke in the air
How the fuck did I make it here? We solve our problems with revolvers
Go fetch the stick, we need a bulldog
They tried to close the door, I went and broke the doorframe
They think I'm tapped, what makes you think I'd leak my own tape?
Let the leakers leak this shit, comin' like cocaine
Turn this hot summer day into a cold day
Heater to your face and push it back like it was nose spray
Caskets turnin' cases, niggas prayin' it's a cold case
Charlie Brown, my niggas get it in both ways
I'm so indie, I'll rock your shell like it's Coldplay
I need Lizzo, I don't really need a soulmate
Oliver's twisted, they came in askin' for more flake
Can I have some more please? Sniff it till his nose bleed

His daughter's sick, but he's lovin' the way the raw taste
He spent his money, it's Christmas time, but all she's gettin' is a "Sorry"
Santa ain't comin', he too busy billin' snowmen
Nah, it's gettin' cold, she has no hope left, yeah, mm
First half got me, jump in the car with me, I'm singin' harmonies, man, you always arguin'?
Give me my crown, king of the town, I made a sound, I did my family proud
I worked too many years, they gave him until he's home
Date-dates, no more date, just ones
These revolvers came in, the wrist froze
She was my first love
You ever seen a queen takin' her shirt off?
I have a thing for pilin' money to the first floor
Why do niggas tell the truth and they get perc'd off?
The worst part, they way I'm livin', I was worse off

Why do the cleanest hearts always have the worst past?
This life I live, I wanna show you where it hurts most
In my DM's, said you need since my first song, it worked out
Hooyo's second, got her worst child, I'm turnt now
I lift myself, I watch the workout, third round
I see the future with my mask on, mask off
Don't need a feature, I got all in by myself, I'm goin' all in
1AM, we argue till the mornin'
Don't ask me why I weren't callin'
In the Cullinan, I'm ridin' 'round Uno
I want my life to be mine again, baby, yeah
This lifestyle's fucked and it's drivin' me crazy, yeah
And I can't sleep when you're not in my room, if you call my phone, I'll spin the Benz through
And when you're at home, just call me

And when you alone, just phone me
One night with me, make you feel brand new, ooh, ooh
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh

Fumes on the beat
Lxcid, this beat brazy

[Verse: wewantwraiths]
I got a short temper, keep a tool, get it? Short 'cause it's tall
I lost some friends, I had we was cool, they tried to snake me, act like I'm fool
Still in the ends, it's business as usual, I watched the dealer turn into a user
I seen a scammer have it all and lose it, make it back, but lost it in his head
Money is evil, never knew the meanin', you're snaky from the way that you dress

Keep it on me when I'm in Amiri 'cause all this money in it, I'ma spend it
I can't really trust a soul, I put it on my pole
Still duckin' the constable, my driver on parole
He'd be sat doing jail time if this vehicle wasn't high performance
Took a left, you better do it fast, the vehicle's going past, lookin' like informers
Lean pourin' on my left, I got around two litres sittin' in this Sprite
I seen a fiend injectin' his neck, I took a sip of lean and now I'm feelin' aight
Pour up, we sip this shit like, so what?
PTSD, it's so fucked
I watched these niggas grow up, brother's buryin' brothers
Cousins are beefin' cousins, aunties and grievin' mothers
We still gon' beef each other, still keep a stick with bullets
.38's, .45's, we turned on revolvers
For all the time my hooyo would warn us, should've listened, I knew you were informin', never listened, should've known you a snitch

Open clases, closin' cases on niggas
He say, she say, you a bitch
My other nigga blind, he walk with a stick
Both of these .38s, keep on revolvin', I'm like a cowboy ridin' these horses
Wraith's Entertainment, live for the moment, counted us up, but now they involved us
Whose them 'Malis in them jammin' foreigns? We going hard for our little brothers
Shoutout my marj for keepin' me humble, give my all and everything I got
I remember when they all forgot, I weren't gettin' nothin', I weren't stressin' nothin'
Where's all this hate gone? Turned into love, I pray my paigons turn into dust
How can I ever be CEO if I can't take it like a boss?
I'm havin' one-on-one's with the Lord, now I just pray for those we lost
We move, gangsters around me, they shoot
Life full of drugs and abuse
I'm from a place where you're right, I won't show you methods we used

We our the own ones bringin' us down, if I had a say, I'd free up the town
Break all these chains, I'm sayin' it now
Free my niggas, pray they all comin' out
Ooh-ooh, we keep a stick with these jewels
Look at these drugs we abused
Made me so heartless, don't need no feature 'cause I'm an artist
They've already told you that I'm the hardest out
Don't show me a deal unless it's large amounts, over and out, mm